“Norfolk – A History Through Its Village Signs”


Norfolk – A History Through Its Village Signs”

by Mike Weatherstone


Almost every village and town in Norfolk has its own sign and this unique book tells the fascinating story of almost all of them.

Published in 2014 it went  straight to the top of the “Jarrolds” best-seller list for local books.  Printed on superb quality high-gloss 3D paper, the professional full colour images stand out from the page.  Comprising 233 pages in A5 format, this is the most comprehensive book ever written on the famous Norfolk village signs.

450 villages, with a brief history of each one and its sign, make this book a wonderful and fascinating gift.  It is invaluable to anyone seeking their roots in Norfolk.

The tradition of these beautifully designed and crafted signs showing the history of the village was begun on the royal estate at Sandringham, encouraged by King Edward VII and every monarch since when staying in their beloved Norfolk.  They rapidly spread to many other counties of England.

From local legends and myths, factual stories from Saxon, Viking and Norman occupations, to events through every period of our history until the present day, they create a snapshot of life in England throughout an often turbulent history.

Tales of giants and terrifying wolves, saints and sinners, rebellions and wicked princesses abound. Local heroes, including Admiral Nelson and Nurse Edith Cavell, tell their stories.

From the contribution made to world events, including helping to stave off the Spanish Armada, the part our smallest communities took in protecting Great Britain during the dark days of WWII, to the story of the tiny village hosting the longest strike in England, this book tells the story of our country as seen from the village signs of one of its most beautiful counties – Norfolk.







  1. SS

    “This book must be unique as I have never seen a local history book quite like this and I have often wondered about the meanings of the various village signs throughout Norfolk
    This book is beautifully printed and the photography is excellent
    Well worth the money and it also makes an excellent gift for someone.
    I wish this new Author well and look forward to his next book perhaps of village signs in Suffolk!!”

  2. FDd

    “In his introduction, the author says, “I can probably claim ¬to be one of the very few people to have visited every one of the villages and hamlets of Norfolk.”
    A verifiable claim that is supported by not only a photo of every sign, but includes intriguing bits of both current and historical information as well, which brings every one of these places to life.
    We find this book our most useful travelling companion as we tour around the country on the weekend.”

  3. CAM

    “Driving around Norfolk one cannot help but notice the beautiful and iconic Village Signs, so this lovely book is a must for those living in Norfolk as well as visitors.
    Keep it in the car and your tour around the county will be enhanced by the photos of the signs and the history of the many villages you drive through.
    And maybe you will be tempted to explore some of these villages – and stop at more places than planned!”

  4. Jane Summers

    “A unique and interesting book. I shall never just pass through a Norfolk village again without looking for the sign”
    Jane Summers

  5. Mike Weatherstone

    “Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of full colour, professional photographs, this is the most comprehensive book on the village signs of Norfolk ever written and will provide a wealth of historical fact to keep the reader fascinated.”

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