Licenses Explained

Please call or email before buying if you are in any doubt about which licence is best for you.  Problems are much easier to deal with at that stage than after purchase.  As the saying goes “Strong fences good neighbours make” and a clear understanding of what is agreed will serve both parties well.

Licenses for image use vary considerably and many stock image sites have a veritable labyrinth of permutations.  I have tried to keep it simple and below are the main types and terms:

Licences broadly fall into two categories – “Royalty Free” (RF) and “Rights Managed” (RM).  The only options for immediate purchase on this site are Royalty Free Standard and Extended licenses.  For Rights Managed or Exclusive licenses please contact me for a quote.

Within Royalty Free I offer two types of licence – Standard and Extended.

Royalty Free Standard Licence:

This is the least expensive option and gives you the buyer the right to use the image, with certain restrictions, for a single purpose/one time use without limit of time or territory and for whatever purpose you wish.  This would include all printed matter NOT FOR RESALE, such as advertisements, flyers, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, newsletters, CD/DVD covers, websites, web newsletters, packaging, postcards and greetings cards for promotional use and editorials, IN ALL CASES TO A MAXIMUM OF 50,000 ITEMS.

Single purpose/one time use means the license must be purchased again for additional uses.

Royalty Free Extended Licence:

As above but with the right to use the image for a single purpose/one time use on physical items for resale, IN ALL CASES TO A MAXIMUM OF 50,000 ITEMS.  These might include T-shirts, mouse mats, place mats, mugs, greetings cards and postcards for resale etc.

As with Royalty Free above, the license must be bought again for multiple uses.

Royalty Free Licence  Pros

Simple, inexpensive, very wide usage possible.

Royalty Free Licence Cons

Buyer does not have exclusive rights to the image.  Although probably unlikely, there have been one or two high profile cases where major companies have used images on a royalty free basis, only to find a competitor company using the same image in their adverts at the same time.

Rights Managed Licence:

Rights Managed means we negotiate the terms of use and, once agreed, no other buyer will be permitted to use the image, subject to those terms, in the same industry at the same time in the same territory.  The terms are infinitely variable.

Rights Managed Pros

Gives the buyer protection against someone else using the same image for a similar purpose.

Rights Managed Cons

More expensive, limits to use – generally only available for a single purpose – and time limited.  The licence needs to be bought again for other uses, extensions of time etc.

Exclusive Licence

This last licence is, as the name implies, exclusive to the buyer and means the image is withdrawn from sale – either permanently or for a negotiated time period – and the buyer has unlimited use for any purpose.  The copyright in all cases remains with Art2focus.

Exclusive Licence Pros

The most flexible licence and guarantees the buyer exclusivity.

Exclusive Licence Cons

Clearly the most expensive option as it can only be sold once and the seller must take into account future revenue losses.  May not be possible if the image is already in use on a Rights Managed basis.