Wacton is a pretty village in south Norfolk, about one mile south west of Long Stratton.

There was a huge post-mill in the village from 1765 to 1902 – the tower reached a height if 195 feet.  This is featured on the lovely painted sign, which was erected to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977.  It was made by Harry Carter.

Two lower panels feature a horse-drawn plough and All Saints church.

Interestingly, there is one more feature on the main sign and this is the man in a barrel.

This is John Aylmer (1521-1594) the cleric and tutor to Lady Jane Grey – the poor girl who was reluctantly made Queen on the death of King Henry VIII and reigned for just nine days.  She was executed aged just 17 years.

John Aylmer was forced to flee the country due to the religious turmoil and fled hidden in a false compartment of a wine barrel.  Wacton is one of two villages which claim his birth – the other being Tilney St Lawrence on west Norfolk.

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